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Eva Doyle must find a way to support her mother and herself during a time when there are few jobs, especially for someone so young, with no experience at anything and who feels responsible for a terrible accident concerning her father.

Crazy Little Liar (new) She was positive he was in love with her, only he just didn't know it yet.

Running Away to Santa Fe, Aurora, wife and mother of a grown son, realizes how short life can be and decides to go to Santa Fe and follow her own dreams.

Charlotte Perkins Gold Digger, Charlotte, upperclass proper Bostonion, wife and mother of a grown married daughter, decides to go to the gold fields of California at a time when women had few rights in general and a woman traveling alone was seen as highly suspect.

Chez Tulips Stories and Recipes is completely different and comes from my interest in restaurants from the time when my parents owned a bar/cafe in a small town. My brother and I were always being admonished not to eat up the profits, especially candy bars because, according to my father, if you ate one bar, the profits were lost for the whole box. It also is a result of my work as a professional food taster for a large corporation. It was part time work because of something called "mouth fatigue." My favorite recipe in this book is for chocolate truffles, which is simple as well as delicious.

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