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About Me

As a kid, I used to cut out pictures of people from the Sears catalog, paste flannel on the back to make them stick to a flannel board, and make up stories about them. It was my favorite pastime.

As a grownup, I received a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. My goal was simply to learn how to write. As a journalist, I have sold articles, essays, poetry, short stories (sometimes in collaboration with my husband, P M F Johnson) to such places as The Washington Post, Cooking Light, East/West and The Santa Fe New Mexican, among many others. I have also worked as a secret shopper and as a professional food taster for General Mills, and have shown my painted furniture in art galleries. These days I am doing what I still love most, writing stories about women who struggle against great odds to achieve a sometimes worthwhile, sometimes not-so-worthwhile goal. My novels are available at My short stories are available at,, and elsewhere.

I am married to P M F Johnson ( an award-winning poet and author whose fantasy novels Disk of Dragons, Trollen Rose, Desert Mage and Drifter Mage, and book of love poems, Against The Night, are available at

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